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Integrity Metal Solutions has the ability to take your idea right through to creation. We provide quality products and service to meet all your engineering requirements. We take pride in delivering the best results for our clients.


Urgent Repair Job For Local Farmer

Integrity Metal Solutions recently had to complete an urgent repair job for a local farmer. Morris Web, a very loyal customer, snapped an axle on his quad-axle chaser bin during harvest, and our amazing team came in over the Christmas break to get him back on track.


Powdercoated Pergola

Sometimes knowing exactly what you want is hard. We enjoyed working with Rosalie on designing the perfect garden pergola for her home, providing her with many options as she sorted through what felt best for the aesthetics and look of her beautiful country home.


Food Technology Room

Design, Fabrication, Supply and Installation of a stainless steel benches, kitchen benchtops, and range hoods project in the Food Technology room of Borowa Central School



Zauner Constructions recently partnered with Integrity Metal Solutions to complete a stainless steel handrail project at TAFE NSW Young

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