Powdercoated Pergola

how we tackled the brief given to us

Sometimes knowing exactly what you want is hard. We enjoyed working with Rosalie on designing the perfect garden pergola for her home, providing her with many options as she sorted through what felt best for the aesthetics and look of her beautiful country home.

Date Finished: 7/12/2022

Client: Local Farmer

Sector: Residential

Services: Design, Fabrication & Install

Materials: Mild steel, Powdercoat

Finishes: Matte White Powdercoat

Challenges: Choosing a design

Built out of long-lasting mild steel columns and beams and powder coated in a subtle matte white, this pergola complements the fantastic countryside. Our install team weren’t without their own challenges with the plans showing the water pipes not being precisely correct, but some quick thinking and a fast patch job got the installation back on track and still completed before time!

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